We were really pleased to see the Kamado Joe Classic ceramic grill BBQ included in the Telegraph’s best BBQs to buy list recently.

We have a smart red Kamado Joe Classic 18” on display, along with the smaller Joe Jr., which is perfect for taking on camping holidays.

Kamado Joe Ceramic Grills

Kamado Joe Classic 18”

Unlike other ceramic grills a Kamado Joe comes with everything you’ll need to grill, sear and smoke as standard, and allows you to create different heat zones with its half rack design. So you can cook vegetables higher up on a half sized grill with a half sized heat deflector underneath, and at the same time, cook meat on the other half sized grill lower down and closer to the heat. There’s also the option of adding handy extras to create up to three levels of cooking ( a total of 660 sq. in.), and specialist cooking surfaces like a pizza stone, cast iron griddles, fish or veggie grates. There’s even a chicken stand you can fill with liquid (marinades, juices, beer etc.) to impart flavour and keep the meat moist.

Kamado Joe ceramic grills are insulated so that the heat is stored, and the rounded shape allows heat to circulate so that the food is cooked more evenly. ‘Kamado Joe keeps the heat in the grill and the moisture in the meat’.

Visit us in the showroom to take a closer look at the Kamado Joe Classic, or call us on 01227 787587 for more information.

To see the Kamado Joe ceramic grills in action, visit their cooking channel for recipes and instructional videos!