Charnwood Wood Stoves

Charnwood offer wood and multi-fuel stoves in a choice of seven colours in a matt paint finish, besides the standard matt black. They are; blue, brown, green, almond, bronze, gun metal and pewter. We have Charnwood stoves on display in most colours, along with samples for you to see.

Charnwood Country Stoves

The Country range of wood burning stoves can all have an optional drop in multi-fuel riddling grate to allow you to burn coal or smokeless fuels. The Country 4kW is the only single door model in the range and has always been one of our best selling small stoves. The larger double door stoves in the range are 6kW, 8kW and 12kW, and they can all be ordered with an optional canopy, or clip on shelf at the front. There is an optional back boiler for each stove, and a larger dedicated boiler model the Country 16b, which has a sophisticated multi-fuel riddling grate which can be turned completely flat for burning wood.

Charnwood C-Series

The C-Series is the latest range of stoves from Charnwood, from 4kW to 8kW. Each stove is available with a store stand and optional multi-fuel riddling grate, and is easily operated with a single air control.

Charnwood Cove Collection

The versatile Cove range is available in 4kW, 8kW and 12kW, with optional pedestal stands or store stands in three different heights. The stoves have a single air control for ease of use, and all have a unique, sophisticated multi-fuel grate which can be turned completely flat, allowing a bed of ash to build up to efficiently burn wood. The Cove 2 is available as a boiler model.

Charnwood Island Collection

The Island range is a perfect combination of traditional double doors with simple, clean lines so that the all important view of the fire isn’t compromised. Available in 5kW, 8kW and 12kW, there is the option of short or long legs, or a store stand. The Island stoves also share the Cove collection’s unique multi-fuel grate and have a single air control. The Island III can be a boiler model, and the Island II is available with a useful cook top.

Charnwood Tor stoves

The Charnwood Tor is available in 5kW and 10kW in black or pewter, and with an optional stone top. There are three elegantly curved glass sides to give a spectacular view of the fire. We have a Tor Pico on live display in the showroom, so if you’d like to see it in action please call and let us know.

 Charnwood SLX Stoves

The SLX 20 and the SLX 45 can have either a matt paint or a gloss black vitreous enamel finish, and comes with the same sophisticated multi-fuel grate used in the Cove and Island stoves and the Country 16b. Both stoves can be free-standing or are available as inset stoves if you have limited space, or don’t want to open out your fireplace.

The SLX 20 gives 5.4kW of heat to the room and has a built in thermostat to regulate the heat output, there is also an optional small add in boiler.

The SLX 45 is the same size as the SLX 20 but has a thermostatically controlled boiler which will heat approximately 8-9 radiators and hot water.