Contura are a Swedish make with a large range of wood stove designs, all with generous windows and excellent efficiency ratings. All the stoves have air wash systems to keep the glass clear and several have the option of a fan and different heat retention properties to ensure that as much heat is delivered to the room as possible. Contura stoves also have the option of external air vents to avoid pulling air from the room, although this isn’t possible with all turntable models.

There are lots of tall stoves to choose from, with wider views of the fire or 360° turntables, making them perfect for freestanding installations. Some Contura stoves are also available with warming shelves, cast iron hot plates or baking ovens.

Contura are offering £200 off some of their most popular wood stoves if ordered before Saturday 6th December! Follow the link to find out which models are involved.  Winter 2014 Contura Wood Stoves Offer 

Below is a selection of their stoves, but there is more to see on Contura’s website.