Eco Range Cooker The Eco Range Cooker Company was set up by the owner of COSI, Graham Thornhill, after many years of installing, servicing and repairing AGA & Rayburn range cookers. Having designed the Burley range of woodstoves, of which the 4kw and 5kw stoves are market leaders in efficiency, Graham wanted to apply the same focus on economy to range cookers. The idea was to preserve all the benefits of having an aga style iron range cooker with exploring more economic and fuel efficient ways to run them. The cookers are entirely UK made and are assembled near Canterbury.




Eco Range wood cooker

An Eco Range wood fired cooker. Three ovens with glass fronted fire door.

The three oven wood fired Eco Range cooker uses the same patent pending design of baffle to achieve impressive efficiency levels of 85%. The firebox door has a large glass window to allow you to see what’s happening with the fire at a glance, and a double catch so that the door can be left ajar for ease of lighting.

There is also a two oven boiler cooker available which is capable of providing heating and hot water for a three to four bedroom house, and which preserves the glass firebox door to give a wonderful, cosy, glow to the kitchen. It has a 6kW boiler, and uses just 3kg of wood an hour on average.


pellet range cooker

The pellet fired Eco Range Cooker on live display at our Canterbury showroom.

This cooker is unique to Eco Range, the very first aga style pellet fired range cooker! There are three generous sized ovens, two hotplates and an electric induction hob to give you lots of cooking options. The ovens vary in temperature just like other AGA cookers, with the bottom oven being approximately 90˚c cooler than the top oven. Unlike wood fired cookers, the pellet range is programmable, so it will get up to cooking temperature when you ask it to. On warmer days you can have the cooker ticking over at a low temperature of say 50˚c, and set the timer to increase the temperature ready for cooking three times a day.

The pellet hopper is integral to the cooker, and a tried and tested Swedish burner has been used. Yes, we confess, that element of the cooker is not UK made!

We have the pellet fired Eco Range on live display in our showroom, the only place they can currently be viewed, so do give us a call if you’re planning to visit and we can make sure it’s been turned on.


Eco Range produced one of the very first oil range cookers to have a highly efficient (93%) condensing boiler. Efficient and quiet, it is a far more economical choice than past oil fired ranges, using around 1/3rd of the fuel of some competitors. The cooker can only work from a balanced flue though, so you would need a suitable external wall. If you don’t require a boiler, then there is a cooking only model which will of course also act as a radiator to the kitchen, if needed.

The cooking only model can work from a conventional flue but can also be balance flued if you don’t have a chimney. Both models are fully controllable and can be programmed to turn on and off when required, with the oven taking 20 minutes to heat up to 180˚c from cold. If you have been spending lots of money running a traditional oil fired AGA, and you’re not on mains gas, then this may be the range to replace it with. Please go to  for information about the 3 oven cooker and boiler cooker.


ECO Range are currently developing a 3 oven gas cooker, based on the 3 oven oil cooker. They hope to be in production around April 2015.