Eco Range Cooker

Eco Range oil fired cooker with highly efficient condensing boiler.

Recondition Aga cookers, and other efficient iron range cookers supplied and installed in Kent. At COSI we want to sell you the right cooker. As an independent retailer we've always been dealers for a variety of cast iron range cookers rather than just one or two, allowing us to make a recommendation to you based solely on your needs and expectations. We've been installing ranges for twenty years and we intend to be around for many years to come, so it's important to us to supply our customers with an efficient appliance that will give many years of service and not cost the earth to run. When choosing a new cooker for your home, it is important to take into account the cost of running it, especially with the different fuel options available this type of iron range cooker. In many homes an Aga cooker becomes the main heating source and is left on constantly, if your range cooker is going to be used to heat your home then it is important that it will not result in spending more on your heating than you currently do.

An Aga range cooker or a similar style cooker from one of the other manufacturers is a very beneficial addition to any home, These British style ranges provides you with a number of different ovens which can be used at different temperatures allowing you to cook many different foods at the one time. Cooking for a family with different tastes or hosting a dinner party couldn’t be easier when you have a large amount of space in your oven. No matter which range cooker you choose to add to your home it will fit in seamlessly and leave you wondering why you hadn’t added one before. [caption id="attachment_660" align="alignright" width="199"]Flue less gas range cooker Flueless gas Esse range cooker. Doesn't need a chimney. Uses 100% of the heat produced.[/caption] British style iron range cookers have come a long way since the days of the original stored heat models such as the traditional Aga, which were on all the time at a high temperature. The range cookers we sell are now much more controllable and fuel efficient, giving you the wonderful even cooking experience of a cast iron range, along with a cosy kitchen, but giving you the level of heat you want, when you want it. An British style iron range cooker doesn't have to mean sky high fuel bills and an unbearably hot kitchen in the summer! With the exception of the Irish make, Stanley, the iron range cookers we sell are all UK made, and most of the manufacturers have made real efforts to ensure that their cookers are fuel efficient. Please read the section 'Choosing your Range Cooker' to find some advice on how the cookers work and which fuel type is best for you. Some ranges are also available as boiler models, see the 'Central Heating' section for more information.