Fornetto Outdoor Wood Fired Oven & Smoker

Fornetto Wood Fired Ovens & Smokers

Fornetto Wood Fired Ovens & Smokers

The Fornetto Outdoor Wood Fired Oven and Smoker has a cast iron door, a 61.2 litre stainless steel oven with pizza stone and ceramic bricks which retain the heat, along with a generously sized fire box.

The smoker slider can be opened to let smoke into the oven, introducing subtle smoky flavours to your food. The removable smoker box allows you to experiment by adding different smoking chips or aromatic woods to alter the flavour.

The Fornetto sits on a trolley with useful handles for tools, a foldable work space to the side, a wire basket for condiments and a wood storage basket underneath.

The Fornetto-alto is also on a trolley but comes with a warming drawer for plate storage, keeping food warm until you’re ready to serve or for proving bread and pizza dough. There’s a cabinet below for keeping fire wood dry.


Fornetto: H (inc. chimney) 1917mm x W 650mm x D 560mm

Fornetto-alto: H (inc. chimney) 1946mm x W 1150mm x D 653mm

Chimney diameter: 150mm / 6”

Oven Door Colours: Midnight Black, Empire Red, Ecru and Brick