Oz Pig Camping Stove

Ozpig camping stove.

If you’re planning a camping holiday, or just looking forward to spending as much time in the back garden as you can this summer, then an Ozpig makes an excellent companion!

The Ozpig isn’t an open fire, it’s fully contained, raised off the ground, and has a spark arrestor on top of the chimney to reduce the risk of embers escaping. There’s also an air vent so the door can be kept closed. This means that although lots of campsites ban open fires, many will accept an Ozpig.

If the back garden is as far as you’re venturing this summer, then the Ozpig is still really useful and lots of fun to use as an outdoor heater (and marshmallow toaster!), or for cooking a full meal on.

We have an Ozpig on display in the showroom, along with the Classic and Junior Kamado Joe ceramic grills and a Fornetto wood fired oven.

Check out the Ozpig YouTube channel to see it in action.