banner_burleighAn exciting new development from the Thornhill Eco Design Ltd design house based in Canterbury. This is a radically new combustion system for wood stoves that increases the efficiency of the appliance from around a typical 50-70% to 85-90 %. That's a fuel consumption reduction of between 30-50% depending on which stove or cooker you have, or are thinking of buying.

These systems are patented and are currently being used by Burley Appliances Ltd, in their T3 range of wood stoves. The system is also used in the the ECO Range Cookers designed by Thornhill ECO Design Ltd. See for Aga type cookers that are very fuel efficient, including the new wood pellet range cooker.

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Thornhill Turbo Technology (T3) combustion engine explanation Download the Burley Brochure: Burley Brochure or go to
Watch how the T3 engine works: See what others say about this stove,11811.msg11811.html#msg11811
Remember a stove that is 90% efficient uses 38.5% less logs/fuel than a 65% efficient stove. Even an 80% efficient stove still uses 13% more fuel a year and logs are not free, it takes time and fuel to cut and store them!
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