Wood stove installations, Kent

At Cosi, we employ our own team of HETAS qualified fitters to ensure all our wood stove installations are carried out by experts and to ensure continuity in the service we provide. Our senior fitter has been with the company for over twenty years so he has a wealth of experience to draw from.

We can carry out every aspect of your wood stove installation; preparing the chimney, fitting the hearth, adding a beam or completely rebuilding your fireplace.

If you have an existing chimney and the house was built before 1966 then it’s unlikely to be lined. Wood stoves are designed to work from a lined, usually 6” wide, chimney. Most often, we line chimneys using a flexible stainless steel liner which runs the length of the chimney, filling the space between the liner and the chimney wall with insulating material. The warmer the chimney, the better the ‘draw’, so it’s important that the chimney is well insulated. This is all held in place with a steel register plate up inside the fireplace.

twin wall chimney

Twin wall chimney installation

If you don’t have an existing chimney we can create one using a stainless steel ‘twin wall’ flue system, which either exits through an external wall at a 45° angle and then runs up the side of the house, or runs internally and exits through the roof space.

All wood stoves need to sit on a raised non-combustible hearth which extends to a suitable distance around the stove. Once you’ve settled on a stove you like, we will need to measure the space you have available and may need to either extend the hearth you already have, or fit a new one. Most often we fit sandstone or granite hearths, and the granite can either be shiny or honed to give a matt finish.

However, any non-combustible material is usually suitable, perhaps tiles or bricks. Our tiler can produce beautiful hand made terracotta tiles with bespoke glazed, hand painted inserts, to give a fireplace the personal touch. For more information look at ‘Bespoke Tiles’.

We are often asked to renovate or completely rebuild fireplaces, and can work with you to provide just the look you want. There are examples of recent fireplace renovations on the ‘Recent Work’ page and our facebook page.

Please also visit our FAQs for more detailed advice on liners and stove installations in general.

Our surveyor will be happy to visit to advise on what we would need to do to install a woodstove, and to provide a full quote with a breakdown of costs.